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The Girl in the Window (95 mins)

A ghostly encounter forces a young woman to re evaluate her life after a bereavement.

The third instalment of our trilogy ‘Stories from the Famine’, this is a dramatic, modern day ghost story with a twist on the evictions that took place in Ireland in the 1800’s.  

Directors notes

‘We wanted the third feature to have a younger audience.  One thing that was very obvious with the screenings in America with the first 2 films, the older generation loved them, they really struck home the history of where they came from as Irish Americans, but what about the younger generations who want more than a history lesson.  I was already writing a ghost story, so this became the story of the ‘Girl in the Window’, inspired by true events from the evictions that took place in the 1850’s.  The workhouses were filled to capacity and more arrived everyday, dying in the street, starved to death.’


Status: Complete

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