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The Minnitts of Anabeg

In 1850’s Ireland, a land owner has to disinherit his only son because he marries a local Catholic girl.


The Minnitts of Anabeg tells the true story of the Minnitt family and their 400 year story in Anabeg house, from the arrival of Cromwell in Ireland to the early 1900’s.  They were the land gentry, Protestants who had status and privilege.  Robert Minnitt married a local Catholic girl and broke tradition.  


This is a story of love, religion and a changing society.


Filmed in the original Anabeg house, the film also features Patrick Bergin.  Filmed on a micro budget it features many local actors and many first time film actors.  It also features descendents of Robert Minnitt who continued to live in the area after being disinherited.  He was given a small cottage, worked as the local postman and had 13 children.  


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